Big Daddys Car Lot

883 Old Charlotte Road SW
Concord, NC 28027

Buying a used car from Big Daddys Car Lot takes 3 easy steps:

Step 1

Drive on down to 883 Old Charlotte Road, Concord, North Carolina 28027 or go to and choose one of Big Daddys cars. Plus, if you do not have the time to stop by and visit, then send an email to [email protected]with a description of the car you would like to buy and Big Daddy will go get that car for you.

Step 2

You found your car at Big Daddys Car Lot, so you can pay for it at Big Daddys Car Lot. We take cash, check, and credit card.

Step 3
Drive Away?

All you have to do is drive away in the car. How can you not win when buying your car from Big Daddys Car Lot?